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17th May 1992 Seattle (WA), RCKCNDY


Line up: 

Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell, Simon Scott, Christian Savill, Nick Chaplin


Spanish Air
Catch The Breeze
She Calls

Known recordings: 

Existing recording taped by Bradley. It's offered in his blog. (edit: audio files on blog post no longer available for download)
Video recording also available - recorded on HI8 with built-in mic.


From Bradley's Salmanac Blog:

One of the best shows of my life so far was in May of 1992, when they were on tour together (with Ride) and hit Seattle's now-defunct RKCNDY (Rockcandy). I was on my first trip out west, flew into San Francisco and drove up the coast with my buddy Jim, pulling into Seattle on the same day as the concert. It was just a perfect night of pure bliss, both bands were right on, and the fanboy in me got to meet 'em as they kicked a soccer ball around the club parking lot. I've still got the autographed gig poster and one of Ride drummer Loz's shattered sticks to prove it. But this post isn't about Ride, it's about the brilliant band that opened for them that evening...


Supporting Ride.