Slowdive Database

This site is a user-generated resource for everything related to the band Slowdive, specially their live perfomances.

The Slowdive Database began on 1st june 2009. All contributions are welcome.

For the Slowdive Gigography, I used as base people's tradelists, shows shared in Dimeadozen (specially from user sundchen, who shared lot of recordings) as well as gigographies from other bands such as Ride, Pale Saints or Lush (bands that have toured with Slowdive). Other information was taken from relevant sites such as the Slowdive & Mojave 3 Digest Archive, the Souvlaki Space Station 'A Slowdive Digital Museum' page (which contains invaluable information on the Souvlaki Tour) and the, unfortunately, now defunct site Slowdive - A New Dream page that contained information from 1991 and 1992.

For the Mojave 3 Gigography it was used as a main source the Gigography section from the Official Mojave 3 Site and the defunct site Hernriks Mojave 3 Page (updated until 2001). For the other ex-Slowdive members projects most of the information was from their official websites.

David Sánchez.